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I am a Chartered Accountant working entire life questioning facts. When my friend told me to attend “I AM - Spiritual Healing Art” Workshop, the firstthing that come to my mind was clear NO. But since many bad things has happening in and around my life I gave a second thought and attended the workshop on 16th August, 2014 and believe me this was one of my best decision, post session my life changed a lot. I started thinking in different way… I stared enjoying the life and was able to fight with problem more systematically.

Me and my wife also got a privilege to attend Karlette Mandala workshop where she gave us magnificent healing tool “MANDALA”. Mandala has really helped me and my wife a lot… I have noticed many changes in me and in my wife. Mandala is a very powerful and fantastic tool and something that can be equally beneficial not only for self but also for others.

I have never felt that Karlette was our teacher instead I always felt that she is one of my child hood friend. She is a guide and a friend, I always say her that you are my living spiritual guide. My best wishes and lots of Baba love to her.

In Baba Love,


My name is Anne and I live in Co. Kerry. Ireland. I am 57 years old and have three children, two daughters and one son . I also have two grandsons aged 17months and 9 months.
Both myself and my daughter Ciara have received absent Reiki from Karlette with amazing success and very obvious healing taking place. 

I met Karlette through a mutual friend and despite the age difference I consider her to be a very dear friend. She is such a warm kind and loving person and is a very positive person with such great energy . I would love to meet Karlette in person someday to sit and talk for days and days :-) . I wish her every success in her new venture and have no doubt she will do much good to many xxx 

Name - Shazaan. I am a Student of Life and a Student for Life.

City - Beautiful Bangalore, India

My experience - I received Absent Reiki from Karlette for myself and my brother in Bangalore. We also did a Circle of Light Healing Process in Bombay for my pet dog as she was suffering from cancer. She was calm throughout the process and then all of sudden she raised her head and gave a strong growl when Karlette asked her something in the midst of the healing. She was much better after the process. I too have experienced feelings of wellness and peace after receiving Absent Reiki from Karlette. My healing on every level has been accelerated due to her love and positive energy. I am grateful to her and glad to have her as my dear friend.   

My opinion - Karlette is a "Miracle Child" who can accomplish anything. I am amazed at the multiple things she does and her never ending supply of positive energy. She does everything with so much passion and I don't think the word No exists in her dictionary. She is one of the most interesting women I have known and she always brings a smile to my face. She is very generous and giving of her time, energy and healing. She is very artistic and creates beautiful works of art made with a lot of patience and love. She is a happy person and spreads happiness where ever she goes. I look forward to my time with her as I know it will be full of laughter, fun and healing. I wish her all the best as she shines her radiant light out into the world, touching countless lives and hearts as she moves forward at a million miles an hour on her own journey.

Love and Light,


I attended Karlette’s workshop ‘Healing through Mandala’.  It was a unique and novel experience.  In addition to just learning about the technique of making a mandala, it was very interesting to learn about symbolism of colours and chakras, which was very new to me. The atmosphere in the workshop was serene and peaceful and it had a very powerful impact on me. Karlette is a great teacher, who has a very good connect with people. In addition, her attention to detail and organisational skills are commendable. I am looking forward to attending the next level of Mandala workshop as well as other spiritual workshops held by Karlette.


Priya ~ Mumbai


I have known Karlette since 2017 and found a dear friend in her. What stands apart for her is her free and honest self, something she does not compromise at all.
A deep thinker and a gregarious person she comes across as someone who has a deep connection with the universe. This is reflected in art and interactions.
I have had the privilege of getting a numerological study done for a number of family members. I can say with confidence that Karlette's study is extensive and detail-oriented. Her calculations and analysis are accurate. I can vouch for it. 
Karlette is a package when it comes to personal insight or counseling or mandala art. She has an avid eye for wildlife photography as well.
If I were to summarise, Karlette is not just another person next door; she is an experience into the self.



Karlette's Mandala Meditation workshop came to me when I was in the most need of it. I was looking to try types of meditations just so that I could experience stability in my head for once, a second of peace for once, just to be able to get sound sleep for once. 
Her workshop was nothing less than magic! The way she facilitated and led us through the session, was flawless. I experienced what I was looking for. For few seconds there I was thoughtless, I experienced the stability, the peace and calmness at once. The whole workshop had left an extremely calming and high, zoned out effect on me. And that was it! There was no looking back. Mandala's have been in my life ever since. I couldn't look at Mandala as merely an art form. For I knew, it is a lot more than that. The sacredness it holds and radiates is not something that could be put in words. 
I can't thank Karlette enough for the experiences she has given us through her various workshops since! Thank you so much for introducing me to the world of Mandalas.



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